January 2024


Getting started with Microsoft Fabric – 10th Jan 2024

February 2024

Power BI & Fabric Summit

Implement Medallion Architecture with Microsoft Fabric

A medallion architecture is a data design pattern, coined by Databricks, used to logically organize data in a Lakehouse, with the goal of incrementally improving the quality of data as it flows through various layers.

This architecture consists of three distinct layers – bronze (raw), silver (validated) and gold (enriched) – each representing progressively higher levels of quality. Medallion architectures are sometimes referred to as “multi-hop” architectures.

In this session you will get to learn how to

  • Ingest data into bronze layer
  • Transform data and load into silver layer
  • Enrich the data and load into gold layer
  • Query and report on the data from the Lakehouse

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