Forms Recognizer API – Get Models

The “Get Models” operation will provide the list of models that have been trained using the “Train Model” operation of the Forms Recognizer API.

API Reference

  • Launch Postman
  • Append your endpoint URL from pre-requisites step with  /formrecognizer/v1.0-preview/custom/models
  • Provide the subscription key and content-type in Headers tab
  • Click on Send and you will get the below output for the list of Keys identified by the API for that model.
    "models": [
            "modelId": "d405176c-7072-45a4-ab9b-2b515a22d1b8",
            "status": "ready",
            "createdDateTime": "2019-11-09T22:51:00+00:00",
            "lastUpdatedDateTime": "2019-11-09T22:51:06+00:00"
            "modelId": "5b17f950-2f1e-47b1-bdca-2b8c6a5efcb8",
            "status": "ready",
            "createdDateTime": "2019-11-09T22:48:57+00:00",
            "lastUpdatedDateTime": "2019-11-09T22:49:02+00:00"

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