Custom Vision Service – Classify Image

  • The “Classify Image” operation is used to test and classify the image based on the Prediction API created as part of the previous article.


Classify Image Operation

  • Launch Postman
  • Get the endpoint Url and Prediction key as indicated in the below screenshot.
  • Select the image to test as shown below.
  • Click on Send and output will be provided as shown below and look at the probability/confidence. The higher the number is higher the accuracy.
    "id": "9f28cad6-d5a5-4553-b4f2-e5841c7d7f65",
    "project": "99b0c9c4-771d-4708-aee2-912214e1ef4d",
    "iteration": "b8750922-a42c-43cd-acfa-5d0b9607a8cc",
    "created": "2019-11-10T10:13:28.721Z",
    "predictions": [
            "probability": 0.998144746,
            "tagId": "e2059aff-085d-4b6e-89fc-904a42e6d95a",
            "tagName": "Apple"
            "probability": 0.001475661,
            "tagId": "c15f1e30-5dbb-4b28-9888-b2cf0d5679a7",
            "tagName": "Apricot"
            "probability": 0.000226037431,
            "tagId": "c5df6153-d556-4b57-887a-42c8c01974ba",
            "tagName": "Cherry"
            "probability": 0.0001248682,
            "tagId": "e3a6963c-5f8c-44d8-876e-ba6fe76ab318",
            "tagName": "Banana"
            "probability": 2.80076365E-05,
            "tagId": "0e758db3-036e-4a62-b5e7-501f8f3ee6e2",
            "tagName": "Guava"
            "probability": 6.939781E-07,
            "tagId": "dba3a3e8-d714-4889-b818-246e083f3282",
            "tagName": "Pineapple"

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