Computer Vision API – Get Thumbnail

The “Get Thumbnail” operation generates a thumbnail image for the uploaded image for the co-ordinates provided by the user. The cropping for the thumbnail is based on the Computer Vision API identifying the Area of Interest and applying those co-ordinates for cropping.

Smart cropping can also be applied to the image if the user wants to specify a different aspect ratio for the image.

API reference


  • Computer Vision service or Cognitive Services provisioned on Azure
  • Postman App

Image Requirements

  • Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.
  • Image file size must be less than 4MB.
  • Image dimensions must be between 50 x 50 and 4200 x 4200 pixels, and the image cannot be larger than 10 megapixels.

Get Thumbnail Operation

  • Launch Postman
  • Append your endpoint URL from pre-requisites step with /vision/2.0/generateThumbnail
  • Provide the parameters (width, height and smartcropping) in the params tab.

  • Provide the subscription key and content-type in Headers tab

  • Provide the image URL in the Body tab.

  • Following image is provided in the blob URL

  • Here is the thumbnail image output from the API endpoint.

  • If the smartcropping parameter is set to false then the API applies a different aspect ratio for the thumbnail image.

  • Look at how the API is cropping by centering the object in the image if smartcropping parameter is set to true.