Azure Cognitive Services and multi-service resource for Authentication

Azure Cognitive Services can be accessed through two different resources.

Single service resource – Each Cognitive Service can be accessed through its own endpoint and access key for each service.

Multi-service resource – Multiple Cognitive Services can be accessed through single endpoint and access key.


Multi-service Support

To choose multi-service resource, you need to provision ‘Cognitive Services’ service from the Azure Marketplace. At this moment, only the following services can be accessed by the multi-service resource.

Provision a multi-service resource

1. Log on to the Azure Portal
2. Create a new resource of type “Cognitive Service” from the marketplace.

3. Type the name of the resource, subscription, location, pricing tier and resourcing group. Also pay attention to the online services terms.

4. Once the resource is created, note down the endpoint and access keys. The same access key can be used to authenticate any Cognitive Services like Custom Vision, Text Analytics etc.

Download code: (CognitiveServicesDemo project)